quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

Once upon a time...

A girl with golden hair. She lived with her parents and brother in a quiet town, in a large two-storey house with an attic, where the girl liked to play. There, she dreamed that she was a princess, wearing the old dresses stored in the old trunk of her mother, and hoped that one day her prince would arrive on a beautifull white horse.
Outside, in the garde, there was a big green lawn, with two apple trees loades with bright red apples and a swing where the girl used to play with her friends.
From the gate to the mais entrance of the house, ran up a long stone path flanked by white and red roses that freed an intense perfume.
The girl had a happy childhood. She was very protected and cherished by everyone around her, she almost lived wrapped in a bubble, like a princess.
The girl of golden hair grew. She studied in her small town, laughed, cried, made friends for life and others who have ceased to be, dated, was happy. Never truly loved someone.
Until the day, that while she was doing a school project on her computer, with the Facebook window linked, as usual, a boy with dark hair spoke to her.
It all started with a "Hello!". And their lives changed. They studied in the same school but had never crossed. They talked and they arranged to meet. When the girl with golden hair looked into the eyes of the black haired boy, she knew that he was her prince. He didn't came with a white horse, but he was the most beautifull and perfect prince that the girl could dream. She fell in love with his black eyes with his black eyes with long eyelashes. She loved his smile from the first moment she saw him. His smile was a smile of a happy boy, like the smile of a child that receives the best Christmas gift. His laugh was so contagious that we only can laugh together. The prince's hugs were the best in the world. In his arms, the golden-haired girl felt safe, secure and happy. In his arms all made sense and the world was just the two of them.
The girl with golden hair and the dark haired boy were happy. She discovered what true love was and how to unconditionally love someone. She would do anything for him because he was her life, her half, the most beautifull and pure half of her heart.
Life has changed and the boy and the girl moved away... Love faded and each one followed their life.
The black haired boy left and he took a part of the heart of the golden-haired girl with him.
When he left, the girl told him that whenever he looked at the sky, the brightest star woul be she thinking of him, missing him. Far or near, on the other side of the world, she would always have the best memories of her prince.
One day the girl also had to leave. Drop her safe haven, her friends and family, her small town. The princess life had to stay behind and the girl had to grow.
And she left... But first, she went in search of her prince. She wanted to say goodbye to him. Look once more into his black eyes and tell him all she was feeling. She needed to see his smile again. She needed his hugs, the courage he always gave her. She needed to fill her heart before leaving. The black haired boy went to meet her, as she requested. Again, they saw each other at the airport and like in the romantic films he brought her a bouquet of roses, with a scent that reminded her of her childhood. And like in the movies, they hugged and the golden-haired girl felt safe again. In that moment, both were sure that they belonged to each other, their hearts turned to smile.
And they left... Together...
Today the boy and the girl are already king and queen of gray hair. Hands intertwined as usual, swinging on the couch on the porch of the big house. At the attic, their grandchildren usual play like princes and princesses.
The queen of gray hair stands up to go prepare a meal for her large family. She looks to her king and tell him...
"I'll be right back to you... Millions of kisses, more than the stars there are in the sky... I love you!"
Her king laughs with his child's smile and replies...
"Come quickly! I love you!"
And they lived happily ever after!  

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